Hungover, Dehydrated, or Recovering

IVFluidMD's hydrating therapy provides instant relief. Ideal after extreme exercise,
dehydration, hangover or recovering from disease.


We offer different "flavors" of IV fluid therapy to best suit your needs. Check out our options page to find out which IV is right for you


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IV rehydration restores the fluid and electrolyte balance of your body. IV Fluid Therapy quickly bring the nutrients straight into your bloodstream.

Los Altos, CA

Thank you IV Fluid MD. I feel at least ten years younger after getting your anti-aging IV nectar

San Diego, CA

I thought my food poisoning was going to ruin my week. IV Fluid MD detoxified me and I did not miss a day of work

Indianapolis, IN

After a night of drinks, I was not in shape to meet with one of my to customers. A session of IV Fluid at my hotel was all I needed

Dubai, UAE

After a 16 hour flight and having caught a cold in flight, my vacation in San Francisco would have been miserable. IV Fluid MD got rid of any jet lag and stop the cold

A Hangover Cure

After a night out with friends or coworkers, your body may be aching for relief in the form of intense hydration. This wonderful solution will have you up and running in no time.

A Jetlag Cure

Traveling can be extremely strenuous on our bodies and our health. Just landed and need to a boost of energy to get you through the next thing on your agenda? This will do it.

An Immunity Booster

Remember when your doctor told you to drink lots of fluids? This is just like that, but much faster. Take our Immunity Booster to help you get over the weather (instead of under it).